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There is an abundance of wonderful new choral music waiting to be recorded. I know this because I have received scores from over 11,000 composers over the last 30 years, many of which have never been performed or recorded. I hope you decide that there is no better time than the present to have yours preserved. You can call me at 914-582-3915 or send me an email at to discuss your needs and goals. Email me a pdf or send a score by mail and I will give you a concrete, all-inclusive price quote, based on the amount of time needed to rehearse and record your music.




"Dear Harold, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you have done, conducting and organizing the recording of my Requiem. It's been a great pleasure to work with you and a deep joy to hear my work done well at last." — Katherine Hoover


“A new recording project with Harold Rosenbaum’s New York Virtuoso Singers, the leading performers of new choral music in the U.S., is good news for many reasons.  The a cappella choir, described by Luigi Dallapiccola as the most beautiful medium available to a composer, needs the advocacy such an enterprise provides.” — John Harbison, composer.  Pulitzer Prize winner


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Dr. Harold Rosenbaum, one of the world’s leading choral conductors and winner of the Ditson 2014 Conductor’s Award, will conduct your music. More >


The New York Virtuoso Singers, America’s foremost professional choir specializing in contemporary music, will sing your music. More >


Abeshouse Productions, led by Adam Abeshouse, two-time Grammy Award winner for Producer of the Year, Classical, will record your music. More >


Critically acclaimed 4Tay Records and its complete production team are dedicated to the music of the 20th and 21st century, and will handle the digital and physical distribution of your recorded music. More >



“There is no choral group which has been more able and willing to perform responsibly the most demanding and knowing of contemporary works than The New York Virtuoso Singers.”
—Milton Babbitt, composer, Pulitzer Prize winner


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Your music will be recorded by the 16-voice all-professional New York Virtuoso Singers, which The New York Times calls “New York’s outstanding choir”.


Your music will be rehearsed and conducted by Harold Rosenbaum, the founder and conductor of The New York Virtuoso Singers.


Your music will be recorded in New York City or the metropolitan area by Abeshouse Productions using state of the art facilities and recording equipment.


Up to one hour of rehearsal time and up to one hour in the studio for every five minutes of music. The cost is the same whether a full hour or less is needed to rehearse and/or a full hour or less is needed to record. One hour in both cases includes a 10 minute break for the singers.


A full CD of your music (if approximately 60 minutes in length) or if appropriate, a compilation CD with your choral music and choral music of other composers.


Physical distribution and/or web only distribution


Tracks on memory stick or CD master


Completion of your project within a year of the recording session(s) of your music


500 copies of your CD with more available on request


A one-sheet for CD promotion with information about the disc and list of tracks


Consultation on artwork for CD


Consultation on sending your recorded music to 150 review and airplay outlets.


Variety of payment options are available



"Harold Rosenbaum is a remarkable conductor and musician whose performances capture a composer's voice brilliantly.  I applaud his new recording initiative enthusiastically and can think of no one better suited to document the vocal music of our time."
— Joseph Schwanter, composer. Pulitzer Prize winner


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William McClelland - Hail Lovely and Pure




William McClelland - These Last Gifts



David Land: By Fire




Charles Wuorinen: Sanctus from Mass




George Perle: Christmas Carol arrangement




Milton Babbitt: Three Cultivated Choruses




David Felder: Memento Mori


Close Project

Video about 25 X 25

Twenty-Five Premieres for Twenty-Five Years featuring interviews and works
of Joan Tower, David Lang, Shulamit Ran, Thea Musgrave, Chen Yi, and more



Close Project

The Inspiration behind Christopher Bono's "The Unexcelled Mantra & Unity"

A behind the scenes look at the recording of Christopher Bono's work for chorus featuring
The New York Virtuoso Singers, conducted by Harold Rosenbaum



"The New York Virtuoso Singers, a highly skilled chorus founded and directed by Harold Rosenbaum that specializes in contemporary music, commissioned 25 composers to write 25 short works. The results are terrific over all, with vibrant new pieces by Stephen Hartke, Chen Yi, David Del Tredici, David Lang, William Bolcom, Fred Lerdahl and many more. They gave the premiere performances in two concerts and recorded all the pieces on this excellent two-disc album."
— Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times


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Dear Harold, I want to thank you again for yesterday's wonderful recording session. Working with you and the singers and Adam, I felt like I had climbed into a brand new Rolls Royce. I have to say, "Virtuoso" is truly an understatement! To hear my pieces "Hail Lovely and Pure" and "These Last Gifts" performed with such remarkable sensitivity, care and skill was a genuine honor. No composer could ever ask for more. It was also such a joy to speak with the singers and hear so many positive comments about my music, and I only hope it was remotely as gratifying for you and them as it was for me. And Adam was simply dazzling. I have worked with quite a few engineers and producers over the years, but he is easily the finest. With the two of you there, working so perfectly in tandem, I felt absolute confidence. I very much look forward to working with Adam on the editing.

With much gratitude and warmest regards,

William McClelland

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